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We are an AAU affiliated club that is focused toward junior high and high school athletes who plan to compete in cross country and track & field (sprints, hurdles, field events). All junior high and high school athletes are welcome and no experienced  is necessary! We have all levels of athletes and each is placed within an individualized training which will also include flexibility/strength/core training as well as character development-To become a better athlete, we must become a better person first! 


The Individual Champion

  The purpose is to develop cross country and track & field athletes in running technique, racing strategies and experience in competitive events, and equally important a developed oxygen delivery system for the upcoming competitive cross country and track & field seasons. Each runner involved in the program is unique and will be coached in a manner that will allow for their best and most positive attributes to be fully demonstrated in an athletic manner. Runners that have no experience will be given as much attention as our many athletes that have run at the state meet level. The primary objective is for each athlete to fully achieve a personal sense of value and purpose towards the betterment of their athletic ability 

Home Grown Success

 Even though we have trained a mix of 106 state cross country qualifiers over the past 14 years, we will do out best to make sure your athlete is treated as if they if they were a member of our family. All athletes will be meeting at Seven Lakes High School on June 10th to kick off our 2019 summer training season at 7am. Check the practice calendar for times and locations of this week’s practices. I will be adding more terms and info about the training throughout the coming weeks.  The goal between now and the starting date of Orange Crush is to see how many days in a row you can run. It does not matter if it one mile or 10 miles a day, or 7 minutes or 107 minutes.  A Consecutive day or “CD” is simply a nonstop run, that needs to be timed and measured. Exactness is excellence. Practice timing your runs and writing down your training in a log sheet. When logging your runs– call each day’s workout training a “CD”. Depending on your experience and age your goal may be  for the new runner- one mile a day non stop, or more experienced runner-5 miles a day nonstop.  If you are not sure where your mileage level should be email Coach Kenney (girls) or Coach Rathke (boys). On Monday, June 11th, we will ask to see your log sheets from your training to determine how you should progress. Make sure to bring: 1. Your Desire to Excel, Positive Attitude, and Honesty! 2. Your log sheets filled out bring them so we can continue from there. 3. Your Watch-Timex Ironman Triathlon is a great watch to get  4. Running Clothes and shoes 5. Fluids! *Orange Crush Running Team is not affiliated with KISD.  

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 We look forward to working with your athletes and helping them achieve their best! 

Seven Lakes High School

9251 South Fry Road


2019 Summer Training Program

Begins Monday,  June 10th: 7am - 9am

Ends Friday, July 19th

Mail forms to: Scott Kenney     

3238 Tynemeadow Ct                                         Katy, TX, 77449

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