What's Going On

Sunday, July 16

Today is long run day!! What a great day to enjoy a nonstop no pace run!!! This is the first day of your training week!! Long Runs range from 15-25% of your weekly mileage. Don't forget to long. Less than 130 days until the state meet. 15th day of summer running for  some of you!!! Way to go!! 

Monday, July 17

The Elite boys will meet at 6:00am for their 5k SPPM. Everyone else will meet at 6:30am for SPPM 800s on the same course as last week. Motivation for Life is the logbook session! 

T-shirt Tuesday, July 18

Bring Your Orange Crush Shirt for a team picture Time Capsule Tuesday!!! Fill it out and look at what you have done great. Always look for the HLTs in life!! Maintenance Run based on the SPPM from Monday. Elite boys will meet at 6:00am and everyone else will be at 6:30am.  

Hillacious Wednesday, July 19

Meet at Cross Creek again  at https://goo.gl/maps/h8VFJ3XwLJk  LPPM broken up. Look to improve on your hard workout from last Thursday. Set goals going into the run that your want to challenge yourself and improve by either running longer, faster, or longer and faster. The three obstacles we look at as runners towards as pushing yourself is hard breathing, sweating, and getting uncomfortable. Saying "It was a a hard run." is a great thing!! Cornerstones of excellence will be the logbook session.

Thursday, July 20

Maintenance Run meeting at Seven Lakes High School. This is our third and final prediction run. A Dum Dum is at stake. We will be running the various portions of the loop we ran on Tuesday and the lake loop. X Factor Runner will be the logbook session. elite boys again will be meeting at 6:00am.  

Friday, July 21

Final Competition Run of the summer OC Season! Timed mile number 6!! Can't wait to see you all there!! This will be a great way to rock and roll into the competitive high school cross country season!  We are so proud of you!